Highlights from Dubai Motor Show 2007

Every second year the Dubai Motor Show is hosted in the Exhibition Centre in Dubai. This is an event that will really lure the locals out of their "tents" and try to find something meaningless to spend their money on. I am sure that the following pictures will convince you that they need look no further...

Rolls Royce - Old version (courtesy Sheikh Hamdan the rainbow Sheikh, see the pictures from the Abu Dhabi Car Museum)

Rolls Royce - New version

Mercedes Benz CL 63 AMG standard

CL 63 slightly modified by FAB Design

"Golden One" - Largely made of gold...

...and wood...

...and throw in a few diamonds for good measure!

Audi A8 and Q7 standard versions

Audi Q7 - Still standard but high level

Q7 Standard engine - high level

Audi Q7 - slightly modified

Standard BMW M5?

No, tuned by Hartge!

M5 tuned by G-Power

The engine was both tuned and painted...

Farnasari - don't think there is a standard version of this car that looks like a mutated Porsche Cayenne

...in fact not very pretty!

Lamborghini - one out of at least 35 more or less customised examples

Lambo engine

SL 55 by FAB Design

Ferrari F430

Cool detail on the side view mirror

Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet - customised by Mansory

Note the carbon fibre on the edge which purposely has not been painted. Show off!

Koenigsegg CCX - Profile

Koenigsegg CCX - Back

Koenigsegg CCX - Profile opposite side

Koenigsegg CCX - Engine bay

Koenigsegg CCX - "Trunk"?? Two toothbrushes and it's full!

Audi R8 - Front

Audi R8 - Back

Audi R8 - Engine bay

Note the "R8" on the brakes

...and on the petrol cap.

Aston Martin Cabriolet

"Regular" Aston Martins

Bugatti Veyron - Front

Bugatti Veyron - Profile

Bugatti Veyron - Back

Maybach Cabriolet

Maybach Cabriolet

Note the reclining seat and the foot rest. Just like Emirates First class...

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Huge air vents!

SLR McLaren 722, an even more powerful (and useless) version than the standard one.

Useless, but impressive looks!

Mercedes C-class

...upper end of the range!

T-Rex - a mixture of car and bike. Two wheels in front...

...and one in the back. The engine is a 1400CC bike engine.

Flash back to the 50'ies. Holden something something...

Flash forward to 2015...? SAAB Aero X. Mixture of car and plane with the whole canopy lifting off in stead of regular doors.

And the star of the show... (drum roll!!!) ... Skoda Octavia!!



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